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  1. Does South Africa have a sanctions regime in place?


  1. Does South Africa implement UN sanctions?

There is no publicly available information with regard to legislation that has been passed in order to give effect to specific UN sanctions.

Notably, however, South Africa has reported to UN Sanctions Committees with regards to its implementation of UN sanctions targeting Al-Qaida, the Taliban and associated individuals and entities.

In these reports, South Africa has generally explained that necessary measures to give effect to its obligations will be taken at a future date, that draft legislative measures ensuring compliance are in preparation, or that current legislative instruments cover requirements under the relevant UN Security Council resolution.

  1. Does South Africa implement an autonomous sanctions regime?


  1. What is the nature of the sanctions regime in South Africa?


  1. Does South Africa maintain a list of sanctioned individuals and entities?


  1. Are there any other lists related to sanctions?


  1. Does South Africa have a licensing or authorization system in place?


  1. What are the consequences for a breach of sanctions in South Africa?


  1. Who are the relevant regulators in South Africa and what are their contact details?



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